What are pesticides?

Synthetic pesticides

What are they actually?

Pesticides, also called plant protection products, are chemically synthetic or biological substances and combinations of substances. They have a toxic effect and are produced and applied with the aim of combating fungal and viral diseases in plants, to destroy pests and weeds, and as plant growth regulators. Synthetic pesticides are usually more powerful in their effect, but often have undesirable side effects on humans and the environment. Their degradation substances, called metabolites, sometimes remain in the soil and water for decades.

Sind synthetische Pestizide gefährlich?

7 myths

of the pesticide industry

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  • MYTH 1

Without pesticides crop yields would collapse

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  • MYTH 2

Without pesticides, self-sufficiency declines

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  • MYTH 3

No food quality without pesticides

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  • MYTH 4

Without pesticides foodstuffs become more expensive